Welcome to Cosmology in Crisis Edit

This is the official app for the "Cosmology in Crisis" exhibit. It is a stand-alone app based on the latest DARO SDK.


  • Android 2.3.6 or newer
  • ~60 MB (30 MB for no-movie version) of free space on (external) memory
  • Permission to install apps from "Unknown sources" (Settings->Security)



Note: By downloading and installing these apps you agree to our License terms.

How to use AppEdit

After having installed the app, click "start" and aim camera view at exhibition posters. The following posters have been "augmented":

  • Bend it like Einstein (mini game)
  • Rules of Attraction
  • Some like it Warm (switch between Warm and Cold DM)
  • Our Place in the Universe (discover the size of the Universe)
  • Universe in HD (explore our supercomputer COSMA & watch a whole simulation unfolding (movie version only)

Additionally, our official flyer is augmented as well.

Posters & MoreEdit

If you are looking for a digital version of the posters shown at the Exhibition to print them at home or mor information about the work of the ICC, please visit our official Outreach Website


A bug was reported when using older smart phones with the "Some like it Warm Poster" (Buttons seem to be missing). Sorry for that inconvenience.


You can contact the developer by mail for bug reports and feedback: